Wellness Report May 2021


Thank you for reading our May Digital Wellness Report. In each issue, we will explore a variety of health and wellness topics that are of interest to our patients. This includes informative videos, in-depth blogs, wellness facts and tidbits, and introductions to our teammates.

Maximize Your Mobility!

Sometimes we think of getting exercise as going to the gym and completing an intensive workout. This is simply not the case.

Working out can be just small, simple things that are easy to add to your daily life. We don’t need a gym to start moving and exercise.

Take a look at our list of 31 things you could add into your daily routine to help get more exercise in your life.

Learn how:

1. Drinking more water can increase your steps
2. Toning your muscle through ‘Laundry Lunges’
3. How to increase your body’s flexibility

Plus, a bunch of other fun and simple ways to keep your body moving.

See the 31 ways to move in May

Meet Dr. Morrow

Dr. Morrow graduated, with honours, Magna Cum Laude from Northwestern College of Chiropractic (NWCC) in 1996 with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree.  Prior to this he completed his Bachelor of Science (honours) degree at Northwestern as well as a Bachelor of Commerce (honours) degree from the University of Manitoba.  While at NWCC, Dr. Morrow also participated in a number of research studies including one on neck pain and another on proprioception and balance.

In January 1997, Dr. Morrow started in private practice and opened a clinic in Edmonton, AB which he successfully grew through satisfied patient’s referrals.  During this time he also practiced on a part-time basis in Vegreville, AB.  In December 1999, he returned to Winnipeg and purchased Broadway Chiropractic and Health Centre where he gained the reputation of a caring practitioner with keen diagnostic abilities.

Dr. Morrow subsequently gained certification in Acupuncture. This enhanced his already extensive training in the areas of neuro-musculoskeletal diagnosis and treatment.

Drawing from the knowledge and business expertise from having previously owned a custom building business (1986-1992), Dr. Morrow built a new clinic which is now situated at the old Broadway Chiropractic site.  With practitioners in the fields of naturopathy, chiropractic, massage therapy and podiatry joining the practice, The Centre for Natural Pain Solutions opened its doors in April of 2009.  Patients now enjoy easy access to natural treatment protocols unique to this new clinic.

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Product Feature

GoWoD is an app that will allow you to test and improve your mobility.

This is a useful tool to Increase your overall wellness, allow your body to move better, reduce your risk of injury, and improve your performance. We’re not a sponsor, but we really like their free flexibility test. Give it a try and tell us what you discover about your flexibility.

One Patient’s Story Living With Prostate Cancer

Most of our patients come to us for mobility-related issues, but did you know we also have a naturopathic doctor, that works out of our clinic?

Dr. Ceaser, N.D. has a special focus on alternative cancer treatments, and chronic pain.

Here is a story from a recent patient:

Meet Winston. He is one of Dr. Ceaser’s patients and Winston shares his journey of living with stage IV prostate cancer.

He is in his eighties and has been living with prostate cancer for approximately seven years.

Today, he is better than ever and thankful to everyone who has helped him along his journey.
Please watch or read more about Winston’s journey. He starts off about when he noticed that ‘something wasn’t right’ and then shares his experiences with stage IV prostate cancer with conventional and naturopathic cancer therapies.

Winston’s story isn’t a testimonial for any of the people or health practitioners who helped him, it’s simply a real patient sharing their real experiences living with cancer.

See Winton’s Story Here