About the centre for Natural Pain Solutions –
A Natural and Interdisciplinary Approach

Pain alters how we think, feel and behave. In time, pain can be debilitating and severely reduce quality of life. Our goal is to help each patient manage their pain by offering options outside of pharmaceuticals and surgery. Our natural and interdisciplinary approach to pain management offers patient assessment, diagnosis and treatment from our highly trained team of practitioners, each of whom brings a unique skill and approach to patient care.

Natural Pain Solutions Practitioners Team

A Natural and Interdisciplinary Approach

Research has shown that pain is treated more successfully within an interdisciplinary model. At the Centre for Natural Pain Solutions, every doctor and therapist brings their unique strength to our team-oriented approach. Throughout each day and during regular weekly patient briefing sessions, our doctors work together to consult, deliberate and elicit the most accurate diagnosis. From there, our doctors deliberate carefully and collaboratively to produce a treatment plan tailored for each individual patient.

Each practitioner at the Centre has spent years training in their specialty (all of which include extensive studies in medical sciences). Their credentials are acknowledged by conventional medical practitioners to be on par with their own. Combining these practitioner specialties enables the Centre for Natural Pain Solutions to offer a distinct system of primary health care. We utilize natural therapies and treatments, lifestyle modifications, and the prescribing and/or administrating of preparations and medicines to support and stimulate the body’s innate ability to heal.

The doctors at the Centre for Natural Pain Solutions work to assist you in reducing your symptoms of pain, but they don’t just stop there. They seek out the cause. Through excellent coordination of care and unique protocols and treatment plans, our patients experience relief from their pain. This enables them to begin the journey of achieving their health and wellness goals.

Insurance Coverage

All practitioners are regulated health care professionals recognized by statute in all Canadian provinces. The following coverage options may be available to you:

Manitoba Health coverage

  • Open to all Manitoba residents with a valid Manitoba Health Card

Third Party Insurers

We offer direct billing to the listed insurers.

  • Blue Cross
  • Great West Life
  • Greenshiled
  • Sun Life

Manitoba Public Insurance

  • Auto accident claims

Workers Compensation

  • Work related injuries

Payment Methods

Cash, Cheque, Debit Card, Visa, MasterCard

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Protocols – Measured Outcomes

To achieve desired outcomes, we are committed to putting best practices gained from research and advanced technology to work in order to coordinate a customized natural approach.

Written protocols are in place to ensure quality in healthcare as they eliminate any guess work. This reduces diagnostic tests and uncomfortable procedures which means no unnecessary pain and discomfort for the patient and keeps your care affordable. With one set of protocols for all practitioners, you receive one diagnosis, and one treatment approach, in a single, coordinated effort including all of our practitioners.

The Doctors at Centre for Natural Pain Solutions promote research and clinical findings to support practice. Our goal is to measure clinical outcomes by tracking the status of a patient during their first visit and comparing it to their functional status post-treatment. Patient satisfaction is measured to ensure minimal waiting time, a sufficient amount of time with the doctor, and optimal treatment for the patient.