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the Centre for Natural Pain Solutions

The Centre for Natural Pain Solutions located in Winnipeg Canada is an interdisciplinary pain centre providing assessment and management of pain for patients seeking a natural approach.  We focus on the diagnosis and treatment of neck and back pain, muscle and joint pain as well as pain resulting from arthritis and fibromyalgia.  Knowing that each individual’s experience is unique; our doctors take the time to understand and treat the underlying cause of pain and to also educate patients to become active participants in their own health and wellness.

Our recently built clinic has attracted like-minded practitioners who together provide an interdisciplinary approach. This means chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, physiotherapists and massage therapists work as a team to diagnose the cause of pain. From there our practitioners work together to develop and execute a complete treatment plan using standardized protocols unique to our centre.

This natural perspective on pain and disease will open up new avenues for treatment and often this is the turning point that allows for recovery, where recovery was not possible before.

Discover the wisdom of your body and the natural approach to true health and healing.

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The Patient Experience – Your Health

Pain sufferers requiring timely access to care now have the option to seek out natural health alternatives at one location. At the Centre for Natural Pain Solutions, we believe it is important to treat the whole person and to educate our patients about health and self care. By offering this at one location, you will save much time and effort and be comforted in knowing that our interdisciplinary team is working together to develop a plan that is unique for you.

Understanding pain, what causes it, and knowing how to manage and treat it can greatly reduce the stress and anxiety that often accompany acute and chronic pain.  We are committed to helping you understand your pain and to increasing your awareness on becoming an active participant in setting health and wellness goals.

The Centre for Natural Pain Solutions offers a caring patient experience.  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will guide you quickly and easily through the required first visit forms and assist you with ongoing appointment planning.  We will work with your insurance provider to ensure you receive all benefit options available and submit claims directly to the provider where possible.

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