Maximize Your Mobility!

Sometimes we think of getting exercise as going to the gym and completing an intensive workout. This is simply not the case. Working out can be just small, simple things that are easy to add into your daily life. We don’t need a gym in order to start moving and exercise. Take a look at our list of 31 things you could add into your daily routine to help get more exercise in your life:

1. Yin yoga

This is all about stretching, no super-intensive yoga here. Check out this link.

2. Join an online yoga class

Yoga is a great way to be active, but it’s not too intense. There are some great online yoga classes around the city. A few of the great ones are Peg City Yoga, Yoga Center Winnipeg, Modo Yoga Winnipeg, and of course many other great ones out there waiting for you.

3. Take an online group exercise class

Joining online group classes. A lot of people need a workout buddy or someone to push them. If that’s you, this might be a great experience. A few of the great online classes offered around the city are provided by, My Body, Community gym, and there are many other great ones. Also – some gyms/fitness places are able to offer small group, outdoor fitness classes, during lockdown 3.0 ie

4. Get outside: go for a walk, run, bike, swim, or skip

With all this confinement, fresh air will be good for all aspects of your health, if you take the proper precautions. Remember to maintain social distancing protocols. Try to go alone or with people from your household. As the summer months approach, Assiniboine Park is a great place for a family outing.

5. Set a recurring alarm and do mini workout sessions throughout the day

Set your alarm for three to 10 random times throughout the day. When that alarm goes off, get up and do those exercises you have set out. It does not have to be intense. Maybe five jumping jacks and five lunges. This will help to get you up and moving to keep your blood flowing.

6. Set a goal or a challenge you want to hit

With people spending more time at home, this is an ideal opportunity to create a goal or challenge for yourself that you want to achieve. Maybe you want to be able to do more pushups or be able to do a headstand. Work on your goal a little bit every day and make sure to chart your progress. You will hit that goal in no time.

7. Get friends and family involved

Do a Zoom workout session with your friends who might have been your workout partner before COVID. Everything is always better when you have someone to do it with.

8. Have a brief playdate with your kids

If you are working from home and have little ones, take a break and go play with them. This could be one game of hide-and-seek, then you get back to work. Or go outside for a few minutes with them and then head back to your other tasks. Leave technology behind and enjoy some in-person interaction with loved ones.

9. Bring your kids into it

Make it a game to see who can do the most push-ups that day. Maybe while they’re at soccer, you do a lap of the field rather than just sitting and watching. Try biking with them to their activity rather than taking the car. (If close enough to do so.)

10. Get a dog/borrow a dog

We’re not saying to go out and get a dog this second. If you’ve already been thinking about getting a dog, it can really help your activity level. Alternatively, you can take your family member’s dog or your friend’s dog out for a walk. Give the Devonshire Village Dog Park a visit and let your furry friend have some fun. But make sure to keep social distancing guidelines in mind as well as province-wide restrictions.

11. Have impromptu dance parties

Why not have a little bit of fun? Throw on your favourite music or song and just have a dance party to yourself. Last year was a hard year for many of us. It’s OK to act silly and have some fun while dancing around your kitchen.

12. Get moving with your audio book or podcast

Skip curling up in your comfy spot while listening to your favourite book or podcast. Why not go for a walk around the block? Enjoy the nice weather while listening to your favourite book or podcast.

13. Do some cooking or baking

This gets you on your feet and moving around. Add some music and have a bit of fun. Maybe throw in a few dance moves.

14. Clean it all up

Things like scrubbing the tub or vacuuming are great to get you up and moving around. Plus, they are great for your arms, and you get that cleaning done that you have been putting off.

15. Get up during commercial breaks or between each show

Do five to 10 minutes of housework, or go for a walk during commercials or between shows, and then come back to it. Don’t just binge-watch your shows. Make sure to at least get up and stretch between each.

16. Laundry squats

Add a few squats to your laundry routine. If you have a top-loading washing machine, set your laundry basket on the floor and squat down as you pick an item out of it and go back up to put it into the washer. For a front-loader, put the basket on top of your machine and squat down with every item you put in.

17. Stay standing while folding laundry

Try keeping yourself on your feet while folding laundry rather than sitting down. This will help your posture and keep you from becoming too sedentary, and help you get a few extra steps into your day.

18. Make the most out of your TV time

Try doing some squats or lunges while watching TV. If you have a treadmill or another machine, try doing this on a lower setting to get you moving while enjoying that great show. Put that TV time to good use.

19. Work it out while you read

Try doing a wall sit while reading one chapter of your book, then rest for one chapter. Before the end of the first chapter you will be feeling the burn, we guarantee it.

20. Get the garden going

April showers bring May flowers, as the saying goes. Now is as good a time as any to get that garden ready for the season. Making that yard and garden look nice will also add some exercise into your day.

21. Stretch it out

If you are one of the many people who work from a desk all day, it’s important to take a break and incorporate some simple stretches into your day. Check out this website for ideas on some stretches you could do.

22. Any time you take a call, move around during it

Why not go for a little walk while talking on the phone? Walk around your house, maybe just walk up and down the stairs — whatever you want. This will help get you on your feet, adding some movement to the day, and of course, extra steps.

23. Under-desk mini pedal machines

Try getting this little pedal machine that will keep your legs going while you sit and do your work.

24. Try and exercise ball chair

Stuck working at a desk all day? Swap out your chair for an exercise ball chair to add a bit of movement and bounce to the day.

25. Skip the elevator and take the stairs

Maybe you’re still in the office or live on the top floor of a building. A few times per week, skip the elevator and take the stairs. This is easy to add into a daily routine with little extra effort needed. This is something that would become a habit, and the next thing you know, you’re always taking the stairs. Let’s not forget about the extra steps to add to your daily goal!

26. Get a Fitbit or step counter and set daily goals

By getting a device that will count your steps, you can keep track of how active you are being each day, and then you can set goals. It’s important to set a step goal daily and try to achieve it.

27. Park further away than you normally would

Instead of parking as close to the store as possible, try parking in the back of the parking lot. Get in a few extra steps into your day.

28. Use a basket instead of a cart

If at the grocery store and only getting a few items, opt for the basket rather than the cart. This will help to get your arms engaged. If you’re doing the big grocery shop, then the cart might be more appropriate.

29. Skip the drive-thru

Park outside and walk in to order your food. You will be adding more steps into your daily routine by doing this. (Most of the time, it’s faster to just go in!)

30. Drink more water

Drinking a lot of water can be a great tactic to get active during the day. Why? Because the more water you drink, the more times you’ll have to get up to use the bathroom. Another great trick to this is to use a bathroom on a different floor than you are on. Water is important to stay healthy, and most people do not drink enough on a daily basis.

31. Give GoWOD a try

GoWOD is an app that will allow you to test and improve your mobility. This is a useful tool to increase your overall wellness, allow your body to move better, reduce your risk of injury, and improve your performance. We’re not a sponsor, but we really like their free flexibility test. Give it a try and tell us what you discover about your flexibility.

Most of the items on our list are things you can mix into your daily routine and are easy to do. You don’t always have to have a gym membership to exercise. Let us know in the comments which of these tips you plan on implementing in your life.