Feeling pain shouldn’t be normal: A physiotherapist shares how to tell what your body is saying


In this interview, Dr. Roch speaks to Kim, a physiotherapist, about how she found physiotherapy, how physiotherapy helps people maximize their mobility, and she even introduces a fun concept called “chair dancing.”

Today’s Topic:

  • Kim’s physiotherapy philosophies
  • About Kim and her journey with physiotherapy
  • Key takeaways for patients
  • Signs for when you should see a physiotherapist
  • Physio words of wisdom

Kim’s main message and takeaway is that she wants her clients to learn how to be more curious about what their body is telling them. For example, when you feel pain, realize that your body is trying to tell you something.

What are Kim’s passions, and what does she enjoy about being a physiotherapist?

Kim talks about how she enjoys giving people the knowledge as well as letting them know that they have the tools to manage their bodies and to listen to what their body is telling them. By getting people to listen and pay attention to their bodies, people can learn to change one simple habit.

When and how did Kim decide she wanted to be a physiotherapist?

Kim was very active when she was younger, and at the age of 11 or 12 she twisted her ankle, which ended up in her needing to see a physiotherapist to help with the recovery. Kim was given tips on how to listen to her body and observe what was happening with her ankle and how to manage it. The help from the physiotherapist helped her to get back to doing what she loved, which was soccer.

The experience piqued Kim’s interest. It prompted her to pursue helping others get back to what they love to do. In high school, she took classes about the anatomy of the body and was fascinated by the learnings and decided to help other people manage their bodies.

Kim tells us that the body, and all it is capable of, continues to amaze her. Passing that knowledge to the client on how they can help themselves is what she is all about.

Kim enjoys a challenge.

Kim says that she enjoys a challenge. She is most passionate about helping people who don’t know where to turn. For instance, helping people who are having trouble with basic functions, such as going for a walk or unloading the dishwasher. She is passionate about helping people regain that power and the inherent strength that we all have in our bodies.

Kim’s Key Takeaways

Kim says one of the most important things a person can do is to listen to their body. She encourages people to engage the whole body when doing an exercise. For Kim, when she prescribes a client an exercise she wants them to take a moment to listen to their bodies and what they are feeling while doing it.

Finding different ways to move and listen to the body has been very empowering for Kim as a patient. Kim is eager to share information with her clients about finding new ways to move and listen to the body. Kim says that part of doing that is by helping clients think outside the box.

When Kim exercises she needs to feel good while doing it. She needs to feel safe and to have some fun as well.

Signs of When You Should See a Physiotherapist

Kim says that she recommends before coming to see a physiotherapist  try to change up some of your postures using heat. Maybe use some Tylenol for the first 1-2 weeks but if after 2 weeks the pain is increasing or not improving then at that point it’s a good time to come see her and she can see what’s going on and help you.

Physio Words of Wisdom

Kim suggests having fun with movement. Getting curious is a great place to start. A simple activity is to play one of your favourite songs and start moving. If it feels good to just tap your right foot, then do it.

Or, you could take your practice outside. When stretching your chest, try using a tree or a park bench. See how you can use your body. Start experimenting with movement and what feels good to you. Feeling good is the most important part.

One of Kim’s all-time favourite activities involves a chair… and a little silliness. Play a song and do your worst chair dance possible. Looking odd is perfectly fine. Remember, it’s not about looking good, it’s about feeling good, and experimenting with movement.

Add About Kim

Kim is a highly skilled physiotherapist, and she has an incredible ability to connect with people. Once you meet her, you’ll see why we are so excited about her joining our team. Kim is a lifelong athlete who has competed for Manitoba at the national level many times throughout her career. She brings that amazing love of sport into her work, focusing on mindfulness-based techniques to help you be more in tune with your body, as well as some other important treatments. In her 18 years of physiotherapy expertise, her education and certification include: Soft tissue and joint mobilization Cranial Sacral Therapy Visceral manipulation And she’s certified in: Acupuncture Pelvic floor therapy Therapeutic Yoga She’s available for booking right now and can’t wait to meet new faces and help you feel better and do more!