Physiotherapists are specialists trained to assess and treat conditions related to movement. Muscles, bones, joints, and the nervous system work together allowing us to move. When these structures aren’t working properly they can cause problems.

If you are having trouble with movement, seeing a Physiotherapist might be the right option for you.

Movement limitations may be caused by damage to the body originating from, work place injuries, motor vehicle accidents, sport injuries, or repetitive strain injuries for example.  They can also be caused by chronic conditions such as chronic low back pain, and osteoarthritis that may become more problematic as we age.  Other causes may be congenital such as cerebral palsy, or genetic such as muscular dystrophy. Regardless of the origin of the condition, Physiotherapists are trained to help you move with ease.

A session with a Physiotherapist always starts with a full assessment to determine the root cause of your problem. Different treatments may be used depending on the location of your injury, your current stage of recovery, and your individual needs. Treatments chosen are always based on the best supporting scientific evidence.

Common Physiotherapy treatments used at the Centre for Natural Pain Solutions include: exercise prescription, manual therapy such as massage or myofascial cupping, education related to the cause of and proper care of your primary complaint, and modality application such as Ultrasound, heat, TENS, or acupuncture. Your Physiotherapist may also prescribe rest, ice, and/or heat depending on your current stage of recovery.