Centre for Natural Pain Solutions in Winnipeg Canada

Kristyn Boulet

“Kristyn graduated from the 2550-hour program at Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapies in 2018. She provides clients with an exceptional experience in the direction towards natural healing of the body. She has a strong passion for assessing musculoskeletal dysfunctions and providing individualized treatment plans with measurable results for clients. She believes in the importance of being present during treatments, educating clients on their bodies and giving them treatment plans to do at home, so they can become active participants in their recovery/rehabilitation. With an athletic background, Kristyn has an enhanced understanding and compassion of the unique needs of athletes. She has taken additional workshops in sports massage therapy, pre/post sports massage, breast massage, rib-mobilization, and an introduction to craniosacral therapy. She is eager to learn more through continued education workshops, for more variety in approaching client’s conditions. She is excited to work in the field of therapeutic massage therapy.”